Tandem Point Tandem Point(SM) Therapy:
An integrated acupressure approach for myofascial pain

by Rena K. Margulis
Presented to Rehabilitation Medicine Grand Rounds
Institutes of Health
March 17, 2000

Mind-body approaches

I understand that physicians from Complementary and Alternative Medicine are here today. I hope that you will be pleased to learn that a mind-body approach improves the effectiveness of Tandem Point therapy. When the patient starts to use his mind to assist with the work, the work is significantly and reproducibly faster: points balance more quickly and pain disappears more quickly.

During the work, what will speed release of trigger points

  • clinician eases the mind of the patient that the approach is working as expected
  • patient
    • breathes deeply
    • laughs
    • talks about subjects pleasant to the patient, especially pets, grandchildren, upcoming vacations, favorite restaurants
    • visualizes muscle release
    • visualizes breathing into the muscle plus muscle release
    • visualizes energy movement (only attempted if the patient initiates conversation that indicates the patient will consider this a credible approach)

What will hurt slow or halt release of trigger points

  • a blockage between the trigger point and the tandem point
  • clinician applies too much pressure to tender points (clinician then reduces pressure but continues the work)
  • patient
    • holds breath or breathes shallowly
    • clenches teeth
    • tightens muscles in face
    • thinks or talks about something upsetting



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