Tandem Point Tandem Point(SM) Therapy:
An integrated acupressure approach for myofascial pain

by Rena K. Margulis
Presented to Rehabilitation Medicine Grand Rounds
Institutes of Health
March 17, 2000

Research idea: test for electrical voltage differential across common point combinations

If the mechanism for Tandem Point therapy release of trigger points is electrical energy flow to eliminate an electrical potential between two points, then it should be possible to measure that electrical potential. It may be that applying pressure to the points affects the electrical environment through the piezoelectric effect.

As a test, a researcher could measure voltage at both points

  • before pressure on either point
  • after pressure for ten seconds on trigger point
  • after pressure for ten seconds on both points
  • after pressure for one minute on both points

Expect different results with overcontracted muscles vs. overstrained results, so any test would have to include both. Expect varying results with individuals of varying health. Expect varying results depending on the order in which points receive pressure first.

Similar testing could be done for thermal changes at the points.



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