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Is Tandem PointSM Therapy Right for You?Tandem Point

Tandem Point therapy has been effective for individuals who are otherwise healthy and strong but have suffered from one or more of the following problems:

    dot Low back pain and/or sciatica
dot Upper back pain
dot Neck pain and/or reduced range of neck motion
dot Shoulder pain and/or reduced range of shoulder motion
dot Hip pain and/or reduced range of motion in the hip
dot Knee, elbow, foot or hand pain
dot Scar-related pain or numbness
dot TMJ (jaw) pain and/or loss of range of jaw motion
dot Repetitive strain injuries
dot Muscle pain
dot Chronic headaches
dot Scoliosis
dot Gout pain
dot Painful cysts

Tandem Point therapy is NOT effective for:

    dot Fibromyalgia characterized by the inability to engage in moderate exercise for an hour without extreme fatigue. Individuals with this type of fibromyalgia may prefer to consult a therapist trained in Frequency Specific Microcurrent such as Kristine Davison Allcroft of Moorestown, NJ, 856-608-0700.
dot Stomach/digestive pain
dot Gynecological pain
dot Cancer-related or other disease-related pain
dot Bone pain
dot Joint pain with bone loss in the joint (cartilage loss is OK)

Individuals with the following characteristics should NOT attempt Tandem Point therapy:

   dot Individuals who are ill, who suffer from fatigue, or who have recently recovered from an illness characterized by fatigue
dot Individuals who are pregnant
dot Individuals under age 11
dot Individuals who are taking blood-thinning medications, such as coumadin
dot Individuals who are taking diuretic medications, such as triamterene
dot Individuals who have a kidney problem or other condition that prevents them from drinking large quantities of water
dot Individuals who suffer from any part of the following pattern of migraine headaches: A migraine is more likely to begin on weekends or vacation days, is more likely to begin at 5-7 a.m. than other times, and is more likely to begin after a menstrual period than before.

In general, if you are NOT healthy enough to engage in gentle exercise, such as an easy walk for an hour, and feel good after the exercise, then you are NOT healthy enough for Tandem Point therapy. Sometimes healthy individuals have pain that inhibits their ability to exercise, and you must evaluate whether you would be healthy enough to exercise for an hour if you did not have pain.

Tandem Point therapy is best suited to individuals who prefer a deeper style of massage or who are motivated to obtain pain relief.


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