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I was referred to Rena by a close friend in 2002 for severe back pain. I did not make an appointment with her for over four years. I endured physical therapy, traction, a series of three lumbar punctures as well as a lot pain medication. None of these worked. After seeing my doctor, who again spoke of more needles in my back, I called Rena.

I had pain so severe that I was not sure that I would be able to stand up straight after sitting for a while or walk without pain. I reported to Rena that I had had several surgeries including a hysterectomy and right knee surgery as well as my gallbladder removed. Apparently my pain was related to a lot of scar tissue from the surgeries

After one session with Rena in September 2006, I was able to stand up straight immediately. I was also able to bend over and stand up. I was 95% pain free. I have highly recommended Rena to any and all who have reported pain, especially after having surgery in the distant past as I had. As a Registered Nurse, I have relied on modern medicine, but there are some things that modern medicine cannot help.

     --- Robbie Thornton, B.S.N.
Registered Nurse, Mount Laurel, NJ

I work as a nurse in a San Francisco hospital on a busy cardiac unit. In late October 1996, I injured my neck while adjusting a patient's position in bed. Initially, I sought treatment in my hospital's injury clinic. Physical therapy was prescribed. After six weeks without any significant improvement, clinic personnel suggested that I try myofascial therapy (a type of deep tissue massage). This too failed. By January, I was exhausted and desperate. My neck pain had spread to my shoulder, my headaches were increasing and, worst of all, I was unable to sleep through the night because of severe muscle spasms. The only effective remedy was a strong muscle relaxant--however, the muscle relaxant left me too groggy in the morning to function at work.

I finally contacted Rena. In my first session, she gave me some relief from the pain. After two sessions, I was able to rotate my head without any neck pain. Her vast knowledge of and well-developed technique in acupressure permitted me to begin to heal and finally get the rest that I so desperately needed. As our subsequent sessions continued, I was able to resume my busy schedule as a nurse and mother. Since then, Rena has continued to help me with a series of less debilitating injuries.

I would strongly recommend Rena to anyone who suffers from pain, but especially someone who has not found relief from other treatments. Rena has an incredible ability to address what other health providers miss. She is compassionate, hard-working, and very dedicated to her profession. She truly is gifted.

     --- Cynthia Shore
Registered Nurse, Palo Alto, CA.

In 1997 I had a severe case of neck whiplash. I tried various pain relievers and traditional forms of physical therapy but did not gain relief from persistent pain, immobility, and stiffness. On the recommendation of a colleague I went for acupressure therapy to Rena Margulis. I was impressed from the start by her competence, knowledge, and ability to relieve pressure and pain. She was able to go directly to the offending pressure points and to relieve the sources of pain. I was fascinated to see how warm the discharge points became.

After two or three visits I could see that this therapy was working successfully, giving me flexibility and strength in my neck and shoulders. At each visit she measured the increase in my neck mobility. There was a precision of effect that I had never seen in ordinary therapy and direct relief that made it unnecessary to take pain relievers.

I strongly recommend this form of therapy to anyone with symptoms of neck pain, either from trauma like whiplash or problems from posture or repetitive tasks. Rena is a true professional, highly skillful in therapy, and up-to-date in her knowledge.

     --- David Tyack, Ph.D.
Professor of Education and History, Stanford, CA.
dot I decided to try acupressure therapy because of the tenseness and pain I experienced in my neck and shoulders. I had suffered from the problem for a number of years, and it tended to worsen during times of extreme stress. My doctor had recommended muscle relaxants, but I wanted to try something else before I took prescription medicine for the problem.

Immediately following my first session with Rena, I noticed a difference in my neck and back. My boyfriend could even tell a difference just by touching my back. I have been seeing Rena for about four months now, and I feel more relaxed and am able to sleep better at night. She has also been able to eliminate the pain I had in my jaw from TMJ that occurred after having oral surgery (even though my doctor had told me there was nothing I could do to get rid of the pain).

I would recommend Rena to anyone. Acupressure has made an incredible difference in my health.

     --- Emily Loraas
Psychiatric Research Coordinator, Palo Alto, CA.
dot I've been seeing Rena Margulis for six months and am very much changed as the result of receiving Tandem Point therapy with her. I was in a car accident 13 years ago and sustained a neck injury at that time, which had been a problem for me ever since. Rena has worked wonders with my neck, sore shoulders, and the general aches and pains that result from working for a software company that involves many long hours of work at a PC--in my wrists, forearms, hands, lower back and face.

I have benefited more from Tandem Point therapy than from any other bodywork, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and acupuncture. In addition to pain relief, my general feelings of well-being are improved, and the relaxation that occurs during a treatment leaves me feeling very mellow for several days after a treatment session.

     --- Merri Monks
Product Manager, Redwood City, CA.
dot I have used Tandem Point therapy for control of migraine, TMJ, and muscle tension of the neck region. My TMJ remained a problem even after two years of treatment by a dental TMJ specialist (massage, ultrasound, and an expensive splint). I received more long-lasting relief after one or at the most two Tandem Point sessions. I was amazed at the results, as my two-plus years of TMJ physical therapy sessions and splint did not provide the long-lasting results I was hoping for, but acupressure did provide relief.

As for migraines, I have had them since childhood (35+ years). While there are several triggers involved, Tandem Point has relieved attacks while occurring, and has helped tremendously in an effort to reduce their frequency. Before trying Tandem Point, the attacks were so frequent and so severe they even became a daily occurrence. Tandem point acupressure helped get the attacks under control and allowed me to resume life.

     --- W. Smith, CFP
Quality Assurance Systems Specialist (Biotechnology), Belmont, CA.
dot I have been treated on a regular basis by Rena Margulis, NCTMB, for more than five years. She has helped me with headaches, jaw pain following extensive dental work, neck pain, and upper and lower back pain, as well as with certain "point" problems involving my feet and hands. Many of my muscular problems from injuries received during exercise or sports' activities have been resolved in one visit instead of many.

Rena has always approached any problem from a "whole patient" perspective, as opposed to limiting it to only the localized symptoms. She does significant research on her own, to better understand my health problems. She is a valuable addition to my health care team.

I would have and have had no hesitation in recommending Rena's approach to friends and family - in fact, to date, I have sent her the following referrals: my husband; my daughter; three step-daughters, and four friends, one of whom is a doctor and two of whom are nurses. She has been immensely helpful to all of them each of whom presented to her with different specific symptoms of varying long-term duration.

My husband presented to her following a complex shoulder fracture and subsequent immobilization of the joint; his orthopedic surgeon cautioned him that he would have limited future movement because of the seriousness of his injury. With Rena's Tandem Point treatment, however, he regained full range-of-motion in his shoulder in a very short time and has resumed his active lifestyle. [Rena's note: he also integrated physical therapy and two acupuncture visits with Tandem Point therapy.]

     --- Judith Warnick-Sweeney
Sales and Marketing Consultant, Atherton, CA.
[This client spent more than ten years managing medical offices and writing grant applications for medical research programs.]

I originally had one leg longer than the other by almost two inches, which caused me to suffer from severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine). In 1992, I had bone removed from my tibia and femur, resolving the limb length inequality and the scoliosis, but leaving me with severe and daily pain in the muscles of my leg, hip, back and neck. Some of these muscles had been short and tight throughout my youth and my adult life, but after my surgery, the muscles did not lengthen. I saw many different medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists, but the muscle pain did not improve. Then I saw Rena Margulis in the year 2000 (eight years after my leg surgery). After the first session I had noticeable improvement. Within about 15 to 20 sessions Rena had retrained my muscles so that the pain was mostly gone. Rena supported my decision to try Rolfing (TM) and microcurrent therapy along with Tandem Point therapy, and I think those therapies played a role in my pain resolution.

In the spring of 2001, I took a trip to Israel. I had no leg or back pain through more than 50 miles of strenuous hiking, which would have been inconceivable in the spring of 2000.

I hope that there are few people whose muscle pain is now as severe and intractable as mine was. As a result of my successful experience with Tandem Point therapy, I have encouraged Rena to make this form of muscle therapy more widely known and more widely available to others with pain. I encourage anyone reading this testimonial who suffers from debilitating muscle pain not to give up, instead to keep trying to find health, as I did. And if you live near someone who practices Tandem Point therapy, I highly recommend trying this approach.

     --- Jeff Confenti
Customer Engineer, Sunnyvale, CA.


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